Whilst working at DFS Galleria, I was fortunate to collaborate with Ken Done on a food range. On this project which was themed 'Fine Art of Food', I developed the concept for the range and then with a team from DFS that included the CEO and Food buyer had to sell the idea to Ken Done. He was very generous with his time and was willing to illustrate all the extra details throughout the range, such as the paint box illustrations for the Chocolate covered Macadamias and handwritten details throughout the range.  Each item in the range features reproductions of paintings by Ken Done.
Working with the food buyer, I researched a lot of the unusual packaging choices, such as paint tins for the cookies - and even organised a trial run at a food laboratory to fill paint tubes with jam (unfortunately that one failed!). I also worked with suppliers to develop the stamp designs for the cookies and supplied the shape for the Harbour bridge pasta. Then I oversaw all the printing and organised the printing of the labels and cartons. 
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