Randwick Council took delivery of two Renault Kangoo EV vans and they needed to be branded and sit within the existing livery design language established for the rest of the fleet. The existing livery consists of the RCC logo, a descriptor, the chervon stripes and blue colouring.
These new EV vans needed to stand out as Zero emissions vehicles and therefore I changed the colour from blue to green and also updated the chevron to reflect this. I needed to include extra messaging to clearly brand them as zero emissions vehicles, plus they were to be used across several units which also required treatment to distinguish the vehicles. I created three icons, a banksia for the Nursery, a book for Library and a  CO2 icon for Sustainability, and made these a subtle tint of the green.
During the process of the vehicle wrap, I was able to liaise with the company tasked applying the artwork and make small changes where required.
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